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‘J point’ is short for junction point - the point of connection where ideas, issues, approaches, and action come together. Here, deep analytical expertise is forged into tools for solving layered and emergent issues on the ground - issues like pandemic adaptation, which requires systematic understanding of people, organizations, and their environment.

Whether you’re starting or evolving a purpose-centered business, organization, or project, or trying to tell a story that drives meaningful change in the world, JPoint Collaborative can help.


A rich understanding that is grounded in literature, best practices, and human experience.
  • Qualitative + quantitative primary research
  • Scholarly literature reviews
  • Research → practice


Frameworks for setting course and flexibly managing activities to ensure demonstrable results.
  • Strategic foresight
  • Portfolio-of-initiatives approach
  • Criteria-based resourcing


A fat Design Thinking toolkit to turn a strategic vision into an executable reality.
  • Branding + identity
  • Message design
  • Visual communication


Tools and techniques to foster a fulfilling (and even fun!) team effort.
  • Project management coaching
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I) principles
  • Team morale + performance hacks

Recent Work

A National Conversation on Indoor Air & K-12 Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Destiny Aman, JPoint Founder, recently served as an invited panelist for this event, organized by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. Experts across multiple fields discussed the quality of indoor air in schools; technical solutions to improve ventilation; how policymakers can meet the challenge; and how these policies can be implemented. Click here to watch the webinar, click here to check out the media coverage, or click here to read the report for policymakers.

Adapting to the Coronavirus Pandemic

This highlight reel features clips from a recent panel session for the CLEAN 2020 Summit - a multidisciplinary convening of experts from across the world to address COVID-19 challenges. Watch the complete session here.

Applying Behavioral Science in a Crisis

In this article in Psychology Today, Destiny explores how behavioral science can help us weather and adapt to various risks in our environment - from natural hazards to public health threats.

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Out of the Fire and Into the Flood

For the past 15 years, Destiny has engaged in research and risk communication efforts related to both wildfire and flood risk. More recently, she supported FEMA in designing materials to address the combination risk of Flood After Fire.

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Promoting Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Destiny has designed and executed DE&I-related projects across academic, business, and faith-based settings since 2010. She is currently working with two organizational teams to incorporate DE&I principles into church operations and nonprofit strategy, respectively.

What is the JPoint Collaborative?

The ‘collaborative’ in our name refers both to how we work with our clients, and how our business operates internally. We employ an interdisciplinary, non-traditional, non-hierarchical approach to solving problems across and between fields and silos. We work closely with our clients to co-create solutions that work in the real world, providing the structures and background to help our clients think through what they want to accomplish, and how best to get there, while incorporating inputs from multiple sources at every step.

Taken in part from models like the artist collective and employee-managed manufacturing, a collaborative provides an alternative, equity-centered way to work on today’s biggest challenges. We provide our ‘collaborators’ (experienced consultants with a range of capabilities) with the creative flexibility to learn, grow, cross-pollinate, and test new ideas in a supportive team environment that enables our clients to best meet the moment. Contact us if you would like to learn more about the collaborative model.

Collaborative Capabilities

Environmental Risk

  • Risk perception, communication, behavior change
  • Physical + human dimensions of natural hazards

Decision + Action

  • Behavioral science
  • Communications
  • Organizational behavior

Solution Development + Communication

  • Human-centered design
  • Visual facilitation
  • Storytelling

Program Infrastructure

  • Project management
  • Business process & tool development
  • Performance management


Destiny Aman

Destiny has been described as a “Swiss Army Knife” of tools and expertise. She is a nerd of many things - especially for making difficult and complex topics understandable and approachable. She brings a playful enthusiasm to her work, and she cares a lot about people.

Holding a Masters degree in geography and All But Dissertation (ABD) for her Ph.D., Destiny has over 20 years of experience designing and executing projects that put research into practice. An engaging storyteller, she has been invited to speak on topics ranging from pandemic communication, to improving participation in flood insurance programs, to wildfire communication, environmental change, and designing for the public good.

Destiny has consulted across Federal, nonprofit, state/local, faith-based, and academic spaces, including:

"Destiny’s energy and expertise have blown us away. She sees things from both a science and a people perspective - her insights have been phenomenal, helping us build our organization with enthusiasm and strategic vision. We’re moving fast to be responsive to needs in the COVID-19 pandemic, and we don’t have a lot of extra time on our hands; we have to create quickly and then iterate as we go. Destiny has helped us design processes and services that are flexible and nimble enough to move with us."
— Jayne Morrow, Ph.D., President, IBEC

Get In Touch

Businesses, organizations, and institutions: Tell us about the sticky problems you’re looking to solve, the direction you want to set, the next story you want to tell. Schedule a consultation to discuss how JPoint Collaborative can help your team meet this remarkable moment.

Independent consultants: JPoint will be looking to add experienced collaborators to the team over the next six months. Contact us to learn more about Collaborative structure and benefits and to be updated when seats are available. Priority capabilities sought:
  • Project management, business operations, execution
  • Data analysis & visualization
  • Stakeholder engagement, network mapping & activation, voluntary associations
  • Public health communications